Monday, October 17, 2011

glass jar + paint = jar-o'-lantern

A while ago I had seen this Martha Stewart project for Jar-o'-Lanterns and I thought, I got jars and I could easily get paint. So voila.

I decided to make my little jar-o'-lantern be a happy little guy, so I just freehand drew his face on with a permanent marker and let it sit so the marker would dry. Then I headed down to Michael's to buy orange paint. I probably should've gone with the recommended oil-based enamel paint ... but the orange acrylic was cheaper. And whatever, it looks fine. Oh, and the wire was just some normal silver 16-guage I picked up at the local hardware store. Simple and cheap - why does Martha have to make it seem so much more complicated?

Right now I've got him on our table in the living room, hanging out with our plastic pumpkin (filled with chocolate) and our real pumpkin (which is waiting anxiously to get carved). Now if only I can find some green ribbon to tie onto the silver wire, I'd be completely satisfied with it. In total, I only spent about $4 for the project since I only had to buy paint and wire. Yay!


  1. Not bad for $4! Looks great!

    I got a pumpkin the other day and haven't found time to carve it yet, hopefully we will do it before the 31st!

  2. Hi, I am from swapbot and am loving your blog. I really like the pumpkin first I though you had filed it with orange water or orange pop...I think it turned out great.