Sunday, April 4, 2010

in love with purples

While blue is still my favorite color, purple is closing in ranks. I've always liked purple, but lately, it's gained some additional significance over here.

I have no idea what kind of flowers these are, but they're blooming ALL OVER THE PLACE. It's so pretty, there are petals all over the ground and it smells wonderful. Yep, it's definitely spring here. Spring is probably my favorite season. I can finally break out the tank tops and flouncy skirts.

Tassels! No, I haven't graduated yet, but I'm well on my way. I finally plunked down the cash to buy my gown, so now I get to stare at it for the next two months. Excited, nervous, also a little in denial. Does this mean I have to grow up and act like an adult? Sheesh.

I hurt my arm and I'm sort of sick ... again. So hopefully staying home, acting like a bum, and catching up on little errands (organizing that stack of papers, mending that hole, et cetera) will do me good. My chocolate stash will surely aid in that.

Happy Easter!


  1. They kind of look like Wisterias but I could be wrong.

  2. Yeah they are definitely wisteria vines, I've got them all around my house. Very pretty, they look like grape clusters hanging on things.

  3. They could be blue bells (or blue bonnets), state flower of Texas. I"m following now. Would you follow on my blogs as well?
    Coleen Franks
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  4. Hi! I am craftywitchygirl and I am one of your swap-bot partners for the swap I want more blogger followers!

    I think the flowers are beautiful too!

  5. Beautiful colors...purple and blue are my absolute favorites!

    I'm e2java from Swap-Bot's "I Want More Blog Followers" and I am now following your blog.

  6. Your blog is fantastic and I've added your blog's link to my blog. Can't wait to have time tonight to sit down and drink in all you have posted!