Wednesday, April 14, 2010

creative space: to be

On Tuesday I went shopping. Yikes. But it wasn't aimless shopping, I was armed with a list ... and for the most part I stuck to it! I always seem to have lists and lists of projects in mind, so we'll see how many I finish by the end of the school year.

Bought some fabric, beads, and such. I'm planning to make a simple little pencil pouch because since my purse is so huge, I can never seem to find any writing utensils. On the other hand, with a large purse, I can carry around my entire life with me ... yay! The beads don't have anything to do with making the pouch, but they were purple and pretty and I couldn't help myself.

I have a whole stack of frames that I've been trying to use since my original grand plan for them fell through. I used one for this gift and used two more here, leaving nine sitting in a stack under my bed. I received the circles of paper in a swap, but since I don't scrapbook and rarely work with paper, they were kind of useless to me. So I stuck 'em in frames and ta-dah, instant art.

That's all that's on my plate for now. I got some real world stuff to get done (oh laundry, why do you never end?) and a story to finish, so hopefully I'll have projects in motion within a few days. Linking over to kootoyoo's blog for a whole lotta creative spaces.


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