Thursday, October 8, 2009

my creative space

My creative space is a mess. My crafting table is generally pretty clear with everything pushed into a corner, but that has been completely empty for a while. Organized chaos is the name of the game for the rest of my room. Everything has its place, but within that place it's an anything goes kind of system. My embroidery floss is all neatly arranged according to number, with remaining spaces crammed with scraps of ribbon and string, other boxes holding magnets, bottle caps, and buttons.

All my fabric lives in a cardboard box ... well, except for the fleece, cheap green stuff, and some pink print because not all of it would fit. Aye. I have all this fabric and every time I go to make something I think to myself that what I have simply will not do. Once upon a time it was organized, with everything neatly folded and arranged by color, but then life happened, and now it's more of stuffing and stacking things so they stay within the general confines of the box.

When I'm having a bad day, I'll just pull out one of the boxes (embroidery floss box, craft things box, or fabric box) and rifle through 'em. Because even though I'm generally not big on colors (a fair percentage of my wardrobe is black), I do like colors in most things. So that's my kind of pick me up.

Oh, and this is linked over to kootoyoo's blog where there's a whole list of people's creative spaces. So much fun to browse.


  1. I love that shot with all the flosses & bottle tops & bits & pieces.

  2. Oh my... I'm going to be dreaming about that beautiful floss box for days I think :) K

  3. Organising by number is impressive indeed - that takes dedication - I am naturally lazy, so I organise the floss by "rainbow". Peta

  4. What a pretty box of floss. Love those beautiful bright colours.

  5. Oh, I do that too. Nothing can pick me up than a few moments alone in my sewing attic, looking through my fabrics and dreaming about the things to do with them. It just stimulates some nerve, I think, that is responsible for feeling happy too ;-)